IPS Empress System Technicians

IPS Empress is a tried-and-tested all-ceramic system for highly esthetic single-tooth restorations – processable in the laboratory in a multitude of ways, both by means of the press and the CAD/CAM technology.

Almost 20 years ago, the IPS Empress all-ceramic revolutionized the dental world with the introduction of the press technology and has remained a quality standard to this day. The popular leucite glass-ceramic impresses users with highly esthetic restorations and optimum shade match and continues to set decisive standards with regard to esthetics, function and processing.

More than 40 million restorations speak for the lasting lifelike appearance, the continuing success and the high quality standard of IPS Empress.

empress esthetic

IPS Empress Esthetic

Calupuri pentru tehnica de presare: eficiente si dovedite

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IPS Empress CAD

Blocuri pentru tehnologia CAD/CAM: deosebit de estetice and moderne


Individualizarea IPS Empress

Ceramica pentru captuseli si culori pentru rezultate deosebit de estetice


IPS Empress Accesorii

Diverse accesorii pentru rezultate optime