Proteze mobile - Intretinere


The following products form a part of the “Removable Prosthetics” product category. They cover the procedure involved in the fabrication of removable dentures – from treatment planning and impression taking to aftercare. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application.


Paste Prophy

Cervitec Plus

Protective varnish for professional bacteria control

Cervitec Gel

Gel pentru ingrijirea sanatatii orale pe baza de clorhexidina si fluor

Cervitec Liquid

Lotiune pentru clatirea gurii cu continut de clorhexidina si xylitol

Fluor Protector S
Fluor Protector S

Lacul puternic pe baza de fluor

Cervitec F

Lacul protector ce permite fluorizarea și controlul germenilor într-un singur pas de lucru.